She does this on purpose. She makes me mad on purpose. She knows what makes me mad and then she turns around and does it. I think I’m pretty easy to please. She knows what I like. So why doesn’t she do it?

I’m sitting in my car outside her office building. I don’t know what she really does in there all day. She tells me she works but I don’t believe her. She could be doing anything, or anyone. How am I supposed to know she’s telling the truth? She could be a liar. All girls lie, anyway, what makes her any different. I don’t know why I even bother thinking about her.

I met Blue at my club about a year ago. She looked good or else I wouldn’t have bothered. I don’t know why she listens to people whine all day. Those crazy people. I couldn’t do it. I think if we get married I will make sure she has enough to keep her busy during the day, taking care of my kids and my club. She won’t need this.

“Hey, Frisco, what are you doing here?” I’m caught but play it smooth.

“What are you going here? Aren’t you supposed to be in there working? Why are you out here? Meeting someone huh?”

“Ya know what, Frisco, I’ll see you after work. ” Blue starts to walk off. Maybe I didn’t play it as smooth as I thought I had.

“Hey, I was talking to you!”

“Conversation over.” I watch her hips sway as she leaves me behind. She was probably getting lunch but then how do I know that for sure? All girls lie. It’s all they do. I pull my car away from my prime spot after seeing her go back into the building. I figure she’s going to stay put for now, knowing I’m watching. Can’t trust them once you start slacking. Can’t trust anyone.


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